Saturday, April 25, 2009

Almost done with this animation..

Ok! I have almost done with the animation . Just a little here and there and then will start with the lighting. It took me almost four days to finish this from the blocking that I have posted earlier. Any suggestions is always welcome. So check out!

There is some problem with vimeo...the audio in the end is missing. The dialogue ends with "..tell me about it!"

Friday, April 24, 2009

Eight different bosses - Blocking

After many days anyways nothing much going on so.. Recently I started to work on a very interesting acting shot! For now I have just uploaded a blocking..nothing much, no breakdowns just few poses in stepped I work, I will keep posting here..or maybe after I finish it. haha!! Anyways check out!

I am also discussing about this clip in different forums if you guys would like to give some comment you can do that here or in the forums here:

11 Second Club - Forum - 8_bosses_WIP_acting_shot
or CG society's forum -8_bosses_WIP