Thursday, October 22, 2009

Animation Mentor Class 1 Progress Reel

I am really very sorry for the fact that I have not posted anything in this blog in past few months. But I think this would be a great post for my little blog. :)

Yes, After working in two different studios for three years, I am a student of Animation Mentor now. And I think, it will be hard for you to believe that, there are many highly experienced technical and talented artist learning here at AM!! At first, I thought, I would be one of the few who is learning after having few years of experience.. but no!! there are many like me who just loves animating and are already in the industry. Anyways, I would like to share with you guys my Class 1 progress reel as I have already completed my class 1.And I am in week 3 class 2.

So, In class 1 my mentor was David Breaux. He has worked is some of Hollywood's blockbuster movies like Speed Racer, Night at the Museum, Outlander, Garfield The Movie, Garfield A Tail Of Two Kitties, Chronicles of Narnia, Elektra and I think he was working on Alvin and the Clipmunks The Squeakquel as he was taking our class! You can find more about him in his website here. I must mention he made us feel real comfortable to ask any questions that we had. And I had filled his mail box with of my questions. Different questions about work-flow, weight, timing, posing, etc. as I was having a lot of doubts before I joined AM. And I got real helpful answers to most of them!

AM is an online animation school.Where students from different parts of the world comes to learn character animation. In class 1, I was with 10 other classmates. The common thing among all the students is everyone just loves to animate! They all are always excited to to talk different things about animation! Mentor here are our main source of inspiration.I am currently in class two.In this class my mentor is Dimos Vrysellas. I will talk a bit about him and show some of my class 2 assignments in here. But till then, you can see what I did in class 1. Which was all about basic foundation. Let me know, if you have any suggestions on this progress reel.

Animation Mentor: Class 1 Progress Reel from arijit on Vimeo.

Here is the personality walk that you might have already seen in the above video. I think, the video quality is better in the following one. I wanted this to look like he is walking filled with joy , happy and excitement .

Personality Walk 01 from arijit on Vimeo.

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