Sunday, December 26, 2010

Few More Gesture Drawings

Well, These are some of the sketches, that I was regularly drawing in my sketch book. I just didn't find time to upload here. So now I am putting them all together. These gesture drawing are done as fast as possible. Just so that I can capture the gesture and attitude of the characters and not worry about the finer details as told in The Drawn to Life ( Book).

I was trying explore the different characteristics of this guy and write it down, as I was drawing. Very much inspired from the character - Gru ( Despicable Me ).

I can't really remeber the show I have drawn this picture from but he was really hilarious!! :)

Tried drawing Angelina Jolie as I was watching the trailer of her new movie - The Tourist. Check out in the beginning around 0:04 in the following trailer. :)

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