Monday, December 27, 2010

Acting in Rango and The Legend of the Guardians.

The point the I am trying to make is to get great acting choices. It's always nice that we act it out in different ways. Exploring all kinds of possibilities in the acting and combine them with all the best choices that we find in those references. Act it out. That's the fast way to explore different ideas.
Here is the another good video showing animators exploring the acting choices.
The Making of The Legend of the Guardians.

Something That I Want

Looks like this music video was shorted inside Disney Animation Studio. And with many artist who worked on Tangled.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Few More Gesture Drawings

Well, These are some of the sketches, that I was regularly drawing in my sketch book. I just didn't find time to upload here. So now I am putting them all together. These gesture drawing are done as fast as possible. Just so that I can capture the gesture and attitude of the characters and not worry about the finer details as told in The Drawn to Life ( Book).

I was trying explore the different characteristics of this guy and write it down, as I was drawing. Very much inspired from the character - Gru ( Despicable Me ).

I can't really remeber the show I have drawn this picture from but he was really hilarious!! :)

Tried drawing Angelina Jolie as I was watching the trailer of her new movie - The Tourist. Check out in the beginning around 0:04 in the following trailer. :)

Ray Chase Looney Tunes Demo Reel

Check this out gus a mindblowing reel by Ray Chase. One of our mentor at Animation Mentor. Totally inspiring work.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Story Structure

The following link is to a series of great video tutorials that explains how to wright stories and how to think of Story Structure.
here is a one of the video that explains how to create good characters for the story.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

guy with camera

So I like taking pictures and I own a DSLR myself. The other day, I was watching a youtube video reviewing a new DSLR as I was sketching. I got this one from there.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Thursday, December 16, 2010

waiting hall

I have to find a way to get a bit more dynamic attitude in the gestures. I will keep uploading.

Gesture Sketches

I generally do not get a lot of chances to go outside from my room as I am quite nostalgic or maybe you can say that I am really lazy to got out. But these are the sketches that I did not more that 2 to 6 mins spend in each sketches. I am trying hard to capture the emotion of different characters and and exaggerate the entertainment part. Trying to get a personality that people can relate to.

I started sketching again

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Rift by James Jean's

James Jean's Rift

An interview with Pixar animators Chris Chua and Austin Madison.

an interview with Pixar animators Chris Chua and Austin Madison. Done by The Pixar Podcast.

- Part 1
- Part 2

Useful Tips for Animation Tips & Tricks with Peter Kelly

I would say this two tips were the best tip that I have learn in my early classes at Animation Mentor.
1. Animate in 3D space.
2. Really push your poses and performance and then tone it down till it looks great.
And then polish it to awesomeness :)
Click the link below for this months tip by Peter Kelly.

Will Smith Wisdom

Le Royaume and Boys Night Out

Le Royaume

"Boys Night Out" (2003) - Bert Klein & Teddy Newton

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mike Stern Tips on Animation Checklists

Mike Stern a AM alumni and now an animator at Dreamworks LA. Has to some tips on Animation Checklist.Some of his work can be seen in Bee Movie, Kung Fu Panda, Monsters Vs. Aliens and How to Train Your Dragon.

An article by Cameron Fielding on inspiration.

I started this blog just after reading this great post by Cameron Fielding an amazing animator form Dreamworks. HE talks about the book
"Coaching the Artist Within" by Eric Maisel

So this is a great inspiring video for now. I really enjoyed the following video cause all these guys work together to really amazing wall painting. Make me want to draw. :)

Painting Q Pop from Kevin's Worldwide Adventures on Vimeo.

Acting Choices

When Deciding on Acting Choices, What Factors Help You Decide on Poses?
A great post by Josh Riley
One thing I learned from one of my mentors (Mark Behm) while at Animation Mentor was that you should always write the emotions (or thoughts) out in words near your thumbnails while you are deciding on poses and planning your scene.
Read more..