Sunday, November 27, 2011

WIP stages of Lady with her bike.

This was the reference image that inspire me to do the painting. I was searching for a girl with a bike. Also I didn't have to draw the whole bike. So this was perfect. haha!! :)
I was looking for a different hair style so this was quite what I came up with. Also I tweaked the pose a bit.

Painted with the base colors. As well as painted a basic light and shadow in different layer as the image below.
Shadow layer.

Merge them all and adding more details to the face and hairs. And now I take a break here.

I wanted the face to be more highlighted..So I was trying some gradient layer with different opacity modes.
more details.. also added another layer with wall texture. Just to have some texture overall.
 merge down all layers, did some overall CC. And..that is it!! :)

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